Life Insurance Product Development Solution Gets New Life and Annuity Products to Market Faster

Life Insurance Product Development

Insurers are focused on becoming faster and more agile in their ability to deliver Life and Annuity Products into both new and established markets. While life insurance product development has traditionally been overlooked in technology acquisition, to be successful, business process management tools are necessary.  They increase the speed-to-market necessary to improve this highly transactional, approval-based and information-heavy effort.

eDocument Resources’ solutions provide product development with the ability to efficiently manage the work process surrounding new life and annuity product creation and implementation strategies. eDocument Resources manages the work processes and required approvals from document creation and version control to the interaction among stakeholders as the product is developed, rates and rules are established, and processes are documented. eDocument Resources even ensures that underwriters and agents/brokers/financial advisors are notified of new product details to help get them to the market faster.