Document Management Solutions for Insurance Companies

Insurance Document Management Solutions

Time is of the essence for insurance companies. Policyholders place demands on insurance companies that come down to: how fast can you process my claim, how fast can you answer my question, how fast can you quote me a new rate, and how fast can you make me happy?

Insurance teams must take enormous amounts of information—claims, reports, documents, emails, and more—and connect the dots to make the content work as one. eDocument Resources can deliver insurance document management applications to ease the burdens at insurance agencies. We provide insurance document management solutions for:

Customer Service – automate touch points and increase meaningful customer communication that is consistent and timely, respond to customer inquiries faster and enable single-call resolution and self-service, and identify your best representatives with process transparency.

Underwriting Administration – consistently write accurate, quality policies in a timely manner, automate processing to ensure consistent decisions and reduced risk, provide instant access to all relevant information across application and repositories, and enable reporting to supervise the process from start to finish in real time.

Claims processing – reduce time and costs, consistently handle each insurance claim regardless of how simple or complex, provide instant and automatic access to the correct documents, and instantly integrate with existing claims handling systems.

Agency Management – automate insurance agency communications in real-time, simplify order processing and three-way matching, integrate with any ERP or HR system to never recreate a document again, and shorten the hiring cycle to find and hire the best people for your organization.

Accounts Payable/Receivable – more effective cash management by digitizing, standardizing and automating payment processes to eliminate bottlenecks. Making and receiving payments promptly and accurately gives you more control over cash flow, and better relationships with supplies and customers alike.

Human Resources – streamline employee administration and record keeping, automating critical processes such as recruitment, placement, performance evaluations, compensation plan changes, and time-off requests, capture and store all employee records, reduce document storage costs, and enable employee self-service.