EMR and Document Management Solutions for Healthcare

Healthcare Document Management and EMR Solutions

eDocument Resources improves both clinical and non-clinical areas with a single healthcare document management system. Benefits include reduced AR days, significant reductions in the cost of doing business, improved HIPAA compliance and, most importantly, improved patient care.

Healthcare providers
Whether you want to begin digitizing charts, augment an electronic medical records (EMR) system or improve billing processes, eDoc provides a wide variety of document management solutions for healthcare.

  • Begin or supplement EMR/EHR initiatives for a true longitudinal patient record
  • Eliminate redundant patient data collection and increase patient satisfaction
  • Allow secure, immediate access to comprehensive patient data from virtually any location or application
  • Manage deficiencies to improve the revenue cycle
  • Free more resources for patient care
  • Extend the value of document management beyond the clinical areas to dramatically increase benefits across the organization

Virtually every department benefits from EMR solutions including PFS, AP, HR, Registration, Scheduling, Lab, Pharmacy, Radiology, LTC, Legal and more.

Healthcare payers
From enrollment through grievances and appeals, eDoc reduces labor and improves the quality of healthcare payers’ patient-focused tasks. eDoc healthcare document management solutions also decrease the difficulty associated with managing credentialing and regulatory requirements.

  • Automate collection, routing and auditing of enrollment files, including applying business rules to test eligibility requirements
  • Integrate with claims adjudication applications to allow multiple users to retrieve documents from any source
  • Support compliance initiatives with audit trails, built-in document history, transaction logs and reporting tools (eDoc supports your HIPAA, MITA and other requirements)
  • Manage contract negotiation and creation