State and Local Government Redesign Consulting Services

eDocument Resources provides consulting services to support the redesign objectives of state and local government. All consulting services are custom designed to deliver measurable results for our government partners. Contact us for more information.

Redesign services offered include:

Organization Studies
It is becoming increasingly important for government leadership to critically examine their organization structures and operations in these times of escalating budget stress. Specifically, the efficiency and effectiveness of traditional department structures (silos) is being reconsidered in light of technology advances and evolving citizen expectations. Also, opportunities to partner with other entities to deliver high quality services in more cost-effective ways are increasingly being considered.

Change Management
It can be very challenging to execute change initiatives in government settings. Managing both the expectations of decision makers and the anxiety of impacted employees or partners requires strong leadership skills. By utilizing proven change management process steps, or Redesign Roadmaps, government officials can increase the likelihood of successful change efforts.

Performance Management System Design
In order to support a culture of continuous improvement, many government entities are establishing performance management systems. By creating performance objectives, key performance indicators and strategic initiatives government organizations are achieving goals of organization alignment, transparency and accountability. A true measurement focus for government activities also supports budget and resource allocation decisions.

• LEAN Facilitation
Process redesign efforts are yielding impressive results in the government sector. Increasingly, government is making use of facilitated Kaizen Events or Value Stream Mapping exercises to simplify complex processes and to improve performance.

Return-on-Investment Analysis
Increasingly, government expenditures are being considered “investments” of public funds that need to produce intended results. Determining the value proposition (quantitative and qualitative) for public spending enhances government transparency and accountability.

Outcome-based Government Strategies
Government entities are becoming increasingly results-oriented. Rather than simply delivering public services, government officials are interested in measurable outcomes. Outcome-based contracting is becoming more accepted and gradually traditional line-item budgets are being replaced with variations of outcome-based budgets.

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