Document Management Solutions for County and Local Government

Counties and other local government units provide a wide variety of locally-determined services and programs to citizens. Counties, as creations of state government, also deliver state mandated activities as the administrative arm of state government. As the government closest to the people – counties and other local governments are at the forefront of the fight to improve our communities and respond to citizen priorities.

As workloads rise, many counties and local government units are struggling to balance their obligations to provide mandated services while holding the line on costs. Faced with overwhelming “do more with less” expectations, many counties and other local government units are utilizing technology in new and exciting ways. The combination of process redesign efforts, document management solutions and workflow automation tools are reclaiming needed hours and resources for government employees to serve clients.

eDocument Resources has emerged as a trusted redesign partner to counties and other local government units. eDoc’s enterprise content management (ECM) solutions are transforming paper intensive processes and workflows. eDoc also provides redesign consulting services to help government entities to efficiently align efforts with outcomes.

After decades of waiting for the “paperless office,” paper is still very much with us – especially in our state and local government systems and processes. By eliminating the time consuming and costly tasks related to paper-based document handling, eDocument Resources is “Revolutionizing Workflow Through Technology” for our government clients. With eDoc as your government redesign partner, you can expect:

Government Experience: eDocument Resources knows the business of government. With more than a decade of providing document management and workflow solutions to state and local government, eDoc staff brings expertise and passion to the task of improving government efficiency and effectiveness.

Proven Technology: eDocument Resources, and our technology partners, provide enterprise content management (ECM) solutions that are easy-to-configure and scalable to meet the needs of a single department or the entire enterprise. Our solutions are customizable and enhance your ability to capture shared-service and self-service opportunities. eDoc is also providing cutting edge web-based government solutions and on-line mobile applications for tablets and smart phones.

Return on Investment: eDocument Resources is committed to results. With the financial pressures facing government today, technology investments need to deliver measurable returns quickly. With eDoc, you can confidently “do more with less” by utilizing technology to transform traditional government systems and processes.