Transforming Government Processes With ECM Technology

As the public sector continues to experience declining staff counts and escalating workload, government agencies are forced to do more with less. In response to workload pressures, and on-going expectations of mandate compliance, state and local government entities are increasingly seeking technology solutions to redesign systems and processes.

Forms and documents are the core of government operations. Transformational redesign of government can be accomplished by eliminating paper, and the tasks and costs paper creates, while streamlining and automating traditional processes and workflows to serve constituents faster and better.

eDocument Resources provides enterprise content management (ECM) solutions that meet the Integration and Automation needs of government workers.

  • Integration – Our ECM solutions connect all of your data systems and the documents that drive government. By integrating systems, staff instantly access information, reducing the time spent retrieving information from days and hours to seconds. And, with codeless integration tools, government can implement our solutions affordably across all departments as time and priorities dictate.
  • Automation – With ECM, government can use workflow automation to route critical work, notify staff of important tasks and digitize paper moving through agency processes. Not only does automation dramatically reduce the time needed to complete these processes, it also allows overwhelmed staff to focus more energy on the highest valued tasks. And, managerial tools allow managers to quickly and easily monitor workflows, generate performance reports and respond to constituent needs.

eDocument Resources recognizes the fact that each government unit is unique and government solutions are typically not well served by “one size fits all” packages. Your priorities might include shared-services models, self-serve solutions, support for mobile workers, enhanced transparency or security of protected data. Our ECM solutions are customizable and configurable to accomplish your goals and expectations. eDoc also provides redesign consulting services to help government entities to efficiently align efforts with outcomes.

See how our solutions can help solve your business problems in state and local government.

After decades of waiting for the “paperless office,” paper is still very much with us – especially in our state and local government systems and processes. By eliminating the time consuming and costly tasks related to paper-based document handling, eDocument Resources is “Revolutionizing Workflow Through Technology” for our government clients. With eDoc as your government redesign partner, you can expect:

Government Experience: eDocument Resources knows the business of government. With more than a decade of providing document management and workflow solutions to state and local government, eDoc staff brings expertise and passion to the task of improving government efficiency and effectiveness.

Proven Technology: eDocument Resources, and our technology partners, provide enterprise content management (ECM) solutions that are easy-to-configure and scalable to meet the needs of a single department or the entire enterprise. Our solutions are customizable and enhance your ability to capture shared-service and self-service opportunities. eDoc is also providing cutting edge web-based government solutions and on-line mobile applications for tablets and smart phones.

Return on Investment: eDocument Resources is committed to results. With the financial pressures facing government today, technology investments need to deliver measurable returns quickly. With eDoc, you can confidently “do more with less” by utilizing technology to transform traditional government systems and processes.