Time and Money: How New Claims Processing Technology Saves YOU Both Part 3 of 3

By Jennifer Littlejohn
Jul 9, 2013 | Insurance

What do a roadside assistance company, an insurance and risk management company and a travel insurance provider have in common?  They all reduced waste and inefficiencies by ditching their outdated claims processing technology for an updated system.

First-Call Resolution, Increased Customer Satisfaction

Now that AAA Southern New England is using the OnBase suite of software, “when a customer calls with a question about a document, 95 percent of the time we can answer them in the first call,” AAASNE’s  managing director, said .  “Before…we were never able to do that.  Now, customers are happier because they get faster, more accurate answers.”

Lower Rates of Human Error 

"When we were completely on paper, it wasn't unusual to file something incorrectly...Now we know everything is in OnBase, documents never get lost and they can be accessed by different people for different tasks at the same time," said Systems Analyst for AAA Southern New England.

Now that it has adopted automated workflow technology, Travel Gaurd claims processors, "cannot accidentally go outside or around standard processing procedures." 

Improved Employee Productivity 

Since implementing OnBase, Lanier Upshaw employees have been able to reduce "the amount of time staff spend looking for imformation, allowing them to manage higher volumes of claims and applications." After having OnBase in place for seven months, "account managers increased productivity for 15%." 

Travel Gaurd says that with their automated claims processing system, "claims managers now manage people, not paper...we actually increased the human touch and can provide better service both to our employees and our customers." 

It's Your Turn! 

AAA Southern New England, Lanier Upshaw, and Travel Guard have all saved time and money by investing in new claims processing technology and have reaped these benefits.  Isn’t it time you did the same?

To find out how you can partner with eDocument Resources to crush process inefficiencies using OnBase, contact Mary Bertelsen at MBertelsen@edocumentresources.com.

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