Living eDoc LiVE!

By Jennifer Littlejohn
Aug 6, 2013 |

14 sessions + 3 snacks + 2 meals + 1 happy hour = 75 satisfied attendees. After digesting nearly 6 hours of new information about OnBase features (and also the delicious snacks and meals in between), attendees left eDoc LiVE! satisfied with their experience.

Attendees began arriving around 8:30 a.m. to register with Kim and Jennifer, the wonderful eDoc interns. During registration they received a swag bag stuffed with eDoc post its, pens, session booklets and other fun goodies as well as a lanyard labeled with their name.

During the welcome session after registration, eDoc announced that they had been acquired by DataBank IMX. This acquisition was driven by eDoc’s desire to offer an expanded range of services, wider geographic coverage, more diverse technologies and solutions and a deeper talent bench to its entire customer base. Members of the leadership teams from both eDoc and DataBank IMX expressed their enthusiasm and excitement about the new partnership.

After the big announcement, attendees had the opportunity to attend 14 different conference sessions with topics ranging from Lean Process Redesign to Automating Your HR Department to Change and Change Management. Some of the more popular sessions focused around OnBase functionality modules such as Unity Forms and Office and Outlook Integration. These presentations were given by eDoc employees Mary Bertelsen and Greg Pauba. Colleen Alber assisted these two with their presentations as well, ramping up the crowd with her enthusiasm. Lee Meyerdirk also entertained his audiences with the telling of his famous, or perhaps infamous, rabbit story.

These sessions were split by 10 minute breaks to allow for attendees to refill their empty coffee cups and check out the array of snacks that would fuel them through their next session. Smoothies, fruit, cookies, pretzels, popcorn and brownies were just of the few snacks offered. There was also an hour break for lunch where attendees sat down to munch on sandwiches, salads, soup and dessert.

The day ended with a social hour where attendees let their hair down a bit to network with other individuals. 14 sessions, 3 snacks, 2 meals, 1 happy hour and about 7 hours later, 75 satisfied attendees left eDocLiVE! with renewed conviction that choosing eDoc was, in fact, a wise business decision.

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