The Value of Being Connected

By Lee Meyerdirk
Jul 1, 2013 | Government

In the modern business environment, we are constantly reminded of the importance of “hard-dollar” ROI (return on investment) when evaluating new technologies or solutions to a business challenge. But what about the “soft dollar” ROI that may be contributed to an investment in technology solutions such as…

Time and Money: Why Insurers Stay with Outdated Claims Processing Part 2 of 3

By Jennifer Littlejohn
Jun 25, 2013 | Insurance

In our previous blog titled, Time and Money: The Wastefulness of Outdated Claims Processing, we explained how outdated claims processes are wasteful and inefficient, yet most insurers continue to invest in them.  So why do insurers stay with their outdated claims processes?

The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Minnesota Counties

By Matt Charlson
Jun 18, 2013 | Government

For better or worse, it is inevitable that workload for MN County Human Services agencies is going to increase very soon.  Outside of conversations I have had with numerous Health and Human Services directors on this topic, the most telling information for me has been this article…