Employees need “soak time” too!

By Tony Murphy

We probably have all experienced a company meeting where the chief executive announces a significant business change. With expected eloquence, the executive methodically explains what the change involves, why the change is necessary for the organization and how the company will help employees impacted by the change. There is typically an opportunity for employees to ask questions but there aren’t many hands that get raised.  The meeting then concludes with encouragement for everyone to pull together as the organization embarks on an exciting journey to a new and better place…

Welcome to the eDoc Blog

By Ken Schempp

Who could have imagined the impact of social media would have on our world? What a great way to share information with others! eDocument Resources is excited to announce that social media tools have now been weaved into the way we share and do business around the world! Find us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter! eDoc team members will be sharing information daily for you to check out. And, as you may have noticed, we have recently launched our new website….