eDocument Resources helps clients realize tangible benefits by automating and optimizing “back office” operations.

Accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources—we offer opportunities for improving your competitive advantage through:

  • Reduced receivables cycle time
  • Discounts through timely payments to vendors
  • Immediate secured access to all related business documentation
  • Reduced costs associated with recruiting, hiring, benefits administration and records management
  • Advanced collaboration capabilities
  • Improved customer satisfaction through more timely processing of issues and requests

We can help you establish business rules and workflow for online content management that mimic your existing paper-based processes—or better yet, integrate into existing business applications like SAP, Oracle, Lawson, Peoplesoft, Microsoft Dynamics and Great Plains to name a few.

The result: Employees spend less time on low-value manual tasks (like handling and filing paper) and more time on high-value activities.


eDoc back office automation solutions mean more effective cash management. By digitizing, standardizing and automating payment processes, eDoc eliminates bottlenecks. Making and receiving payments promptly and accurately gives you more control over cash flow, and better relationships with suppliers and customers alike.

We help clients streamline the full range of AP/AR processes, including:

  • Requisition submission
  • Purchase order handling
  • Invoice processing and approval
  • Exception handling
  • Billings and collections
  • Customer service

Human resources

Attracting, selecting, retaining and developing people is a resource-intensive process even in small organizations. In large, decentralized organizations the challenges multiply exponentially. eDoc back office automation applications increase HR employee productivity and reduce overall costs by:

  • Streamlining employee administration and record-keeping
  • Automating critical processes such as recruitment, placement, performance evaluations, compensation plan changes, and time-off requests
  • Capturing and storing all *employee records*—credentialing, recruitment, testing, relocation, continuing education, benefits and compliance
  • Reducing document storage costs and virtually eliminating document loss
  • Enabling employee self-service to employment-related documents